by pdx
Who is a site admin? Please message me.
by Zeli
I'm not sure what the deal is with the NDA, but when you can, post your contact info and we'll keep it organized here.

Also, the AoA is starting guild talks here:


nobody yet...
by Rer
by Rer
Found this little guy on Kotaku. Game's basically free and has a very interesting mechanic of your "gear" being cards you draw, and as you get new gear, the cards in your deck change. It's simple, but fun, and I feel gameplay is diverse and it flows well. It's entirely free and if you want to spend money to speed things up that's your call, doesn't seem necessary for fun though. Seems they're also working on Android / iOS versions but those haven't come out yet.

Either way, fun game. If you enjoy a little "table-top" RPG on the internets then maybe you'll enjoy this too.
by Grok
Peer pressure got the best of me and I made the purchase. Downloading and installing now. See you all in a while.

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