by Zeli
by Zeli
by Zeli

(NA RP/PvP/PvE/Craft/18+)

Being a small circle of friends, we trust each other immensely in our warring world. The challenges we face together are great and it is through trust in each other that we overcome these obstacles. Through time this foundation has strengthened into respect and loyalty. While many may seek initiation, it is with honor that we bestow membership to those worthy.

Originally established as Circle of Trust on March 30, 2003 in Dark Age of Camelot (Albion/Guinevere).
by Zeli
If any of you are approved on the GTC website, and you still need an actual guild invite, jump into the GTC teamspeak and people are usually able to get you invited.

I generally play on Zel if you'd like to friend.

by Maric
Post your main toon names here.

Maric. Main - Barael

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