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Server Address :
Current Status : UP

The server will be kept as vanilla survival as possible with very few exceptions for protections, a basic economy, and minor conveniences:

The list of very few yet really awesome plugins:

Essentials – homes and teleporting
Residence – self-serve area protection MORE
ChestShop – buy/sell things with chests and signs MORE
Lockette – door/chest protection MORE
Voicechat: Please use our Teamspeak

Server Twitter: @aofa_Minecraft

List of Useful Commands and TP locations

Server Rules
Breaking these rules will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

No Griefing - Breaking or placing blocks within another players clearly defined area is strictly prohibited. Altering another person's build in any way is strictly prohibited.
No Client Mods/Exploits - Client modifications or exploits to the game are not allowed.
Common sense - This is a game, be respectful, have fun, don't rage, don't harass people, etc.

Where can I build?
The spawn is protected. Outside of that, you are free to build as you please as long as it isn't in another payers clearly marked territory.

How to define an area as my clearly marked territory
Put a wall/fence around it. If there's a wall/fence around something, you should leave the area alone. You can visit it, but you cannot move, add. or break any blocks. You should not kill animals inside the area. You should not lure/ride animals outside of this area. Someone claimed the territory. Leave it alone. Although some of this is not considered a bannable offense, it still makes you a jerk and you're going to lose friends.

How can I set a home?
Homes act as save points to which you can teleport. You get one /home. which can be set by entering /sethome and can be accessed by typing /home.

How do I protect myself?
We have 2 plugins to help you lock your chests and protect your animals that will help protect your things from looters/murderers.

Looting unlocked chests is allowed if they're out in the open, but locking your chests is simple and easy.

I found an unlocked chest. Can I loot it?
Yes. Locking is trivial. You can create a [Private] sign or claim a residence. As a result, there shouldn't be any unlocked chests unless they're free-use. There's no excuse to not have yours locked if you don't want to share. Lock your stuff! Note: while looting an unlocked chest is allowed, you can not break a structure to get to it. That would be griefing. You can only open an unlocked door or find one in the open.

People can get on each other's nerves. It happens. Chat is not moderated, but typing /ignore <playername> will prevent that particular player's chat and messages from showing on your screen. If you are approving a minor for play and someone has a history of using unacceptable language, you may want to /ignore them from your minor's account. If you don't want to be ignored, then don't use offensive language.

by Slurm
but I thought this was impressive:
by Zeli
I had a really good time in WoW the other night goofing around with gnomes. I know not everyone was excited about being gnomes though. Would anyone be interested in a weekly dungeon group? I think it could be fun if 5 of us started at level 15ish and we stuck together each week for dungeon runs.

We're playing on Argent Dawn / Alliance.

List of dungeons:

I hear it's possible to level completely through dungeons starting at level 15, so we would only play these characters together. You would play something else the rest of the week so that we all stay at the same levels. We log in at a specific day and time and queue as a premade group for dungeons for our levels. It will mean that we will be repeating dungeons though. If you miss a week, you may have to play to catch up to the group for the next week so keep that in mind.

Post if you're interested and we can work out days/times and classes. Looks like we have a full group of interested people.

1. Aberrant: Mage (dps)
2. Saia: Monk (healer)
3. Slurms: Paladin (off tank/off heal)
4. Zeli: Shaman (dps)
5. hardwayes: Rogue or Warrior

Tips I found:

Tanks: Put a skull on what you're killing.
Healers: Set tank as your forcus target.
DPS: Follow that tank, but get that healer's back.

by Zeli
Warlords of Draenor, World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, launches today, November 13th. The hype has been high and many old school WoWers are returning. Are you one of them?

WoW has been out for 10 years, so many of us started there before we met here. I thought it would be fun to have a current "Where I'm at in WoW" post. What server do you play on? What side? What's your guild? What are you most excited about?

Forum Name . Character Name . Server . Side . Race . Class . Guild . Looking forward to...

. Jabberant . Argent Dawn . Alliance . Dwarf . Priest . House Stalwart . Dungeons

. Lilynikki . Proudmoore . Alliance . ? . Rogue . ? . Being untied.

. Saedee . Lightbringer . Alliance . Human . Priest . Riven . EVERYTHING

. Amerae . Argent Dawn . Alliance . Dranei . Hunter . Guardians of Azeroth . Garrisons

. Ashte . Feathermoon . Horde . Blood Elf . Paladin . Riddle of Steel . ?

. Zels . Argent Dawn . Alliance . Night Elf . Mage . House Stalwart . Dungeons

. Slurms . Argent Dawn . Alliance . Worgen . Death Knight . House Stalwart . BATTLE PETS

by Saia
This site is for you!

You can import your pets with a click of a button. Great way to see what you have, what you don't, make lists for ones you still need, and more!

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